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Can I Give Fish Sticks To A 13 Month Old How Much Weight Can I Lose In 2 Months?

How much weight can I lose in 2 months? - can i give fish sticks to a 13 month old

I am a 13 years old girl, and I want to lose weight ... Here are my "diet" if I lose a lot of what I keep in 2 months:
Breakfast fruit [need milk? I want to keep weight loss despite drinking half a cup of milk?]
Nature Valley Bar [180cals] = During the school day ... I'm going for lunch about 4 times when I take my cabinet
Lunch or a sandwich thin sausages
"If I snack from the school, how many calories should I take?" I can not ignore because I was so tired when I get home from school feeling ... I still have a portion of fruit?
While cooking dinner my mother, as a rule, follow the fish / vegetables ...
And a lot of water:]
And I intend to go from school, instead of taking the bus. It takes about 30 minutes walk from school to my home ...
What do I need to lose weight is to lose someone in the middle of the school, and how much of this system alone?


Dee said...

In two months I would say lost about 20ish pounds. but I think you need more milk in their diet. Try an ounce of cheese and low-fat yogurt to eat during the day. You need three servings daily.

You should eat 1200 to 1500 calories, if you try the diet. After this before! that you will mess up your metabolism.

Good luck!

konshesg... said...

First, how much weight now? Secondly, only 13 and if you are overweight, I would not worry. Maybe if you're unsure of extracurricular activities, you should think in sports, cheerleading, etc., prior to your diet.

I mean, realistically. His body is still in development ... Why are problems in themselves before they even start?

cuteeeee said...

WOW bigfoot too much, but your on the right track for 2 months tell me that u'll lose 15 pounds

Chasity said...

How much do you weigh, how tall are you? These are important factors you should drink milk in the morning, and you need fiber and protein in your diet. You should eat another portion of fruit after school.

The´rese... said...

also depends on your weight and size ... how many calories you is not long, but the amount that will lose you be very different if you are 5'1 or 5'8, for example ...

xx_0bliv... said...

It depends on what your power consumption is now. I know a friend of mine was almost 300 pounds. He stopped to drink Pepsi / Coca-Cola, and began to eat salads and drinking water. He lost a ton of weight!

babe_gil77 G said...

What do you know weigh now? How tall are you? If you are only 13 ... while for me, why they are so set on losing weight. Talk to your doctor before starting any diet! It is very help and very important for a doctor, a diet!

Terrica L said...

Depends on what you eat now and how many calories Cuttin your power to change that. and the amount of calories you burn while you go depends on how much you weigh and how you walk. Figure, burns about 100 calories on the way home. I think you take in calories during the day right. to lose 1 pound per week is necessary to a deficit of 500 calories per day to have. it means to have 500 calories of a normal schedule ... So if you eat 400 calories less per day than normal, and then be able to be to lose a pound a week after adding to his home on foot. thats 2 months in 8 to 10 pounds. Which can be a significant weight loss. Good luck.

lightn_s... said...

Much depends on how much you weigh now.
It is difficult to answer without knowing.
Obese people lose, weight much faster

expert.t... said...

1% skim milk works
Do not eat oats, and hungry later, dont u
Believe me, it will fill u and help you lose weight faster
Eating yogurt like any other day, maybe. It allows your
Digestive system of the construction of its metabolism.

Caitlin said...

im 13
I had to do and said that the healthy Wresling to do is point to 2 pounds per week.
You can go so far, 16
Good luck

gulfa said...

Do not lose more than 15

bulldog_... said...

No diet. Just cut all refined sugar and white flour. You lose weight quickly and have a healthy diet. Stick to lean meats, vegetables and fruits. Try not to eat, what needs to be processed (such as Nature Valley Bar).

Drink plenty of water and go and have fun. Do not concentrate on the scales. Stay away from sodas and diet.

Dethril said...

In any case, a value of about 2 months

Dethril said...

In any case, a value of about 2 months

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