Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Does Finishing Payment Off Loan Help Credit I Need A $3500 Loan, But I Have Bad Credit!?

I need a $3500 loan, but I have bad credit!? - does finishing payment off loan help credit

Ok, so I have 4 different credit cards. they all spawn back by Hurricane Katrina. In any case, the 4 cards is killing me. I can not min. Payments within 4 cards per month. Only 2 of them. Then she took the other two. I try to run, but I am late on one card per month. I need a loan that can combine these cards and pay me to pay later 1 bill per month, which can be performed safely. I did my taxes in February, so much more than they got my first bonus can be as low as $ in April 3000 would be able to pay to kill him. Anyways ... any help would be great! Thank you!

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