Sunday, February 21, 2010

Nakid Breasts Botched Plastic Surgery?

Botched Plastic Surgery? - nakid breasts

We hear a lot of things - television and in magazines about people who go abroad and return to "failed plastic surgery caps. I live in northern Queensland and, after a car accident, I had my breasts reduced and I look in the mirror, let because we all look at my chest by the poor work here in North Queensland nakid. I know 4 other women who have the surgery behind him, and also that the work Placticamos not.
We have paid with their lives here in Australia that this surgery. These people returning from his surgery abroad can turn around and noticed that their sloppy work. What about those of us who can not afford to have repaired us and was easy to learn "to live with it?
Thereand all others here in North Queensland who are not even with surgery and will not do anything about it?


OMG LiZ said...

You should really a support group or even start a fund with a website to assist in the repair of plastic surgery in North Queensland. We try to those who consider the surgery to be considered before it to raise a victim!

Pənny Proud said...

She and other women have come, it is necessary to cooperate and to a complaint against them, so that others warned not to use on the doctors.

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