Saturday, February 20, 2010

Pies In The Face When Did The Tradition Of Cream Pies In The Face Come From In Baseball?

When did the tradition of cream pies in the face come from in baseball? - pies in the face

As this tradition? When is it used?


Veritas et Aequitas () said...

I started this long ago and no one could me a real answer.

Then I asked: ...

It seems that the image I then linked it moves. I think BJ Upton is a way of HR, but I do not know. I know that yesterday A-Rod, a foot and did the same.

Powermong'r The Machine said...

Is shaving cream pie in the first cream was a kind of fat before eating pie was shoved into someones face. The type is by what he ate what he could replace shaving cream can. Thus was born a tradition. ;)

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