Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Poor Circulation In Breast My Grandmother Died In July Of 2005, Of Cervical Cancer, Do You Know Of Any Way To Get Her Health Records?

My grandmother died in July of 2005, of Cervical Cancer, do you know of any way to get her Health Records? - poor circulation in breast

My aunt had also died of cancer, my other aunt has had breast cancer and cancer of the cervix before my mother in her 20s. My grandmother was very poor circulation in the legs, to live like my other 2 aunts is very painful. Not recover, not only for his health, but for me and all my cousins, I need to get your medical records, but her husband for us, my mother and I have tried. I wonder whether there is a way to recover their medical records without the consent of their husbands,


KiMzZz HiAtY said...

if your husband is still alive, you will need your permission to do so, in fact, I think it's the only one to receive. Therefore, we want you dosent

formerly... said...

The privacy policy of death and life are different, because the need to know the medical history of the family. Here is some information from a website:

A member of the family of the deceased, "the dissemination of protected health information for treatment - a different person - does not require a permit, therefore, a covered entity may disclose protected information about the health of a deceased person without proper authorization, the provider of the medical care and treatment to survive the relationship. "

Even if you can get the documents you need to know the names of his doctors, and probably a lawyer to obtain the records.

Mischele, RN♥ said...

It is a violation of HIPAA to the records for all those who would not release the members of the immediate family are her husband. When the husband dies, then the oldest child becomes familiar. Even then, you really do not need it. You already know what the history of the family - you do not have all the diagnostic tests, blood tests and medical records on this subject.

bananafi... said...

I look forward sorry about your grandmother. I do not think you can get the latest medical information without the consent of the members to. However, you can get) the death certificate of the State Department of Vital Statistics (or a similar name. Normally there is an office with 3 or 4 largest cities in the country.

RSJ said...

Only the man is not allowed. I will continue to try to persuade him to obtain the records.

Sarah said...

Unless you take action, do not believe that I can.

Kim said...

No, because of HIPPA Laws

nimajala... said...

I can not believe do not want a sweet girl like u

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